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Baldwin Hamilton Studio Piano



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Our Price:$5,995

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Model:Studio Piano

Serial #:300253

Build Date:1992

Color:Walnut Satin


The Baldwin Hamilton upright is the most popular American upright piano of all time. They were found in schools, churches and homes before cheaper Asian production pianos took over the market. They were so widely used because they offered exceptional tone, good action, and rugged reliability.

This piano has had a gentle life. We have performed regulation, voicing and tuning to make the piano play and sound its best. There is a warmth to the sound missing from most Asian production pianos. This is due to many design elements as well as the type of materials used. The benefit is having a piano with a wider dynamic range. Extremely loud playing is clear and free of the clangorous sound lesser pianos produce when being pushed to their limits of volume. On the flip side, playing gentle pianissimo, every note responds, and more than that, the tone projects with a singing tone even at extremely low levels.

The cabinet is in very good condition. The unique furniture design allows you to open up the top to project the sound into the room, like on a grand piano. This piano is built to last—one of the great American upright pianos.