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Casio Grand Hybrid GP500



List Price: $8,995

Our Price:$5,995

Plus Shipping

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Company:Casio Grand Hybrid


Serial #:N/A

Build Date:New

Color:High Gloss Black

Size:38" tall

Pleaase Call For Delivery Information

The Grand Hybrid series is a new category of piano developed by the venerable German piano manufacturer Bechstein in conjunction with a new team of engineers put together at Casio for this addition to their popular Celviano line of digital pianos which feature:

• Real wooden piano keys developed by Bechstein
• True grand piano hammer action
• Ultra-realistic sounds of the 3 top pianos in the world: Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna

KEYBOARD MAGAZINE: This is a digital piano that feels and sounds like an acoustic instrument.

Aside from state-of-the-art sampling technology, you get physical models of the complexity of the finest concert grand pianos in the world as well as:

• Damper, Soft and Sostenuto pedals
• 6 Speaker Grand Acoustic System creates a strikingly realistic soundstage
• Record up to 99 songs
• Onboard processing with reverb, chorus and more for totally professional production

All students eventually outgrow even the finest upright pianos because of limitations of speed of repetition of upright actions. Piano students who play recitals and competitions have a tough time adjusting to not just the touch but also the expansive sound of large grand pianos.

The Hybrid Grand provides a concert grand experience in the comfort of your home.

There are many other features the Grand Hybrid offers including built-in metronome as well as complete control over all aspects of the sound with the intuitive user interface. It can also create audio files you can save to USB flash drive so you can share your music with anyone!

There are also some cutting edge capabilities not found in other instruments such as Concert Play which allows you to rehearse and perform famous pieces along with a symphony orchestra!

The lid opens just like on a grand piano. There is no tuning required ever, and you can play the piano with headphones. If you are looking for a grand piano that fits in a space of a small upright, the Hybrid Grand is a unique instrument that will satisfy the most discerning player creating a grand piano sound and touch in a compact space at a reasonable price.