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Charles Walter Grand Piano: Made in U.S.A.



List Price: $63,735

Our Price:$17,395

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Company:Charles Walter


Serial #:525273

Build Date:1999

Color:Mahogany Polish


Charles R. Walter began producing pianos in the United States in 1977. From the very beginning, Charles Walter produced pianos of outstanding quality that was recognized widely as a premium piano. At first, their production concentrated on upright pianos which were no compromise instruments.

The model W190 grand piano has a uniform scale with design elements that enhance tone throughout all registers. Utilizing the finest materials and meticulous hand-crafting, this piano exhibits the characteristic combination of clarity and warmth these instruments are famous for.

This piano has had a gentle life. So, the Renner action is just barely broken in. Our technicians have regulated and voiced the piano for evenness from the bottom to the top of the keyboard.

You can also enjoy the wireless QRS player system on this piano! You won’t even know it’s there when not using it since it is hidden underneath the piano and has absolutely no effect upon the performance of the piano.

At 6-feet 3-inches, you can enjoy a rich sound all the way down the scale. If you appreciate the sound and quality of great American pianos, here is one that is all original and in fantastic condition!