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Chickering Art-case Grand Piano



List Price: $79,305

Our Price:$23,750

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Model:Scale 123

Serial #:109205

Build Date:1907

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 4"

This is an example of one of the great American pianos restored to a high level. But there’s so much more this piano offers!

It is so unusual to find a piano from so long ago that has endured the ages so well. The original soundboard produces a magnificent, singing tone because of the exceptional crown which even some new pianos don’t have. The original, real key tops are in such amazing condition that it is hard to believe. While plastic key tops are common on pianos today, the fact that these organic keys are in such immaculate condition reveals the gentle history this piano has had over generations.

Chickering was at one time the largest piano manufacturer in America. There were Chickering pianos in the White House! They are known for their rich, complex sound, as well as fine craftsmanship.

This piano was rebuilt in 2003 with new pin block, strings, damper felts, tuning pins, action felts, pedal lyre rebushing, soundboard refinishing, and plate reguilding. The piano has just been refinished in a sprayed multi-layer lacquer finish which is hand-rubbed for a classic look. The action is an excellent condition and regulated to a concert level of performance.

This instrument heralds an age of craftsmanship long lost in America and only rarely seen ever. As years go on, there will be fewer and fewer examples of this kind of work. If you appreciate great American pianos, you will treasure this instrument.