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Chickering Grand Piano 244873



List Price: $44,800

Our Price:$9,395


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Company:Chickering MOVING SALE: $9,395

Model:Parlor Grand

Serial #:244873

Build Date:1979

Color:Mahogany Satin


List Price: $44,800
Sale Price: $12,775


Presenting one of the last of the great Chickering pianos made in the U.S.A. At one time Chickering was the largest manufacturer of pianos in America. As Asian competition heated up, Chickering was one of the last casualties of the change in the piano market.

But make no mistake about it: This Chickering piano is a top-tier, hand-built piano on the highest level of performance. At 5-feet 8-inches, the sound you hear out of this instrument belies its size. This is due to the unique design of Chickering pianos which offers a larger soundboard area than in comparable size pianos from other manufacturers. They achieve this by having a wide tail which accommodates a larger soundboard.

This piano has had extremely moderate use. So, it is mechanically in excellent condition having just had fine regulation and voicing. The finish is also a great example of the classic hand-rubbed, lacquer finish like those found on Steinway and other great American pianos from year’s past.

It is the sound that draws people to Chickering pianos. There is a warmth and fatness to the tone that the high output manufacturing of Asian pianos doesn’t allow for. But it’s much more than that. The choice of hardwoods for the rim of the piano in place of the softer luan mahogany indigenous to Asia and used in pianos from that region, as well as the methodology of the plate (traditional wet sand casting instead of the faster vacuum mold process) and the attention to detail that the handwork that went into the production of this piano that together offers a playing experience that is rare today with only 1,200 pianos being manufactured last year in the United States.

If you appreciate the sound and performance of the great American pianos, you will treasure this piano for years to come.