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Chickering Parlor Grand Piano 233699



List Price: $42,229

Our Price:$10,399


Financing available through Allegro,
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Model:Parlor Grand Piano

Serial #:233699

Build Date:1972

Color:Ebony Satin


Chickering is one of the most respected names in American pianos. At one time they were the #1 selling piano in the United States. This particular piano was manufactured relatively recently considering that Chickering began producing pianos in the early 1800’s!

There are many things that make Chickering special pianos. Like Steinway and Mason & Hamlin (the last two American companies still producing pianos), they offer wet sand cast plates and hardwood rim. These old-world methods of piano building are still utilized in top-tier, American pianos and are partially responsible for the warm, rich tone of these instruments.

This Chickering has a wider tail than found on most other pianos. So, the soundboard has more area than on comparably sized pianos. This creates a bigger, richer sound in a piano that takes up less space.

This piano has newer hammers and has also been restrung at some point not long ago. The piano also looks beautiful with a good finish.

If you appreciate the sound and performance of top-tier, American pianos, this is an instrument that will satisfy a serious pianist. It also has the touch and sound of a full grand piano in an instrument that will fit into almost any living room.