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Fazioli Concert Grand



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Serial #:NEW

Build Date:NEW

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:9-feet 1 1/2-inches

The Fazioli concert grand has been making waves in international piano competitions. The world’s greatest young pianists get to choose among several of the top pianos in the world which instrument allows them to express their musical visions they have worked so hard to refine. Time and time again, concert artists are choosing Fazioli.

There are several things that set Fazioli apart from all other pianos. Paolo Fazioli set out to create a new piano sound when he created Fazioli pianos. He was well aware of the benefits of the great American, European and Asian pianos, but sought out a sound with luminescence. He has achieved this new piano sound in the Fazioli pianos. This can’t be described in words and must be experienced.

Great concert artists in the classical and jazz world are playing Fazioli pianos. Contest winning artists are choosing Fazioli for their prize winning performances. It is the combination of ease of playing, precise control, evenness of tone, and a new level of refinement that is drawing so many diverse players to the Fazioli playing experience.

The demand for these instruments is great. With only a total of around 140 pianos manufactured each year, there can be a wait to get a Fazioli grand piano. But for the most discerning players, there is no equal.

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