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Fazioli Semi-Concert Grand



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Serial #:NEW

Build Date:NEW

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:6-feet 11 1/2-inches

Fazioli has created such a buzz in the piano industry because of instruments like this. At a time when so many top-tier piano companies have either gone out of business or havee been sold to huge Asian companies, Fazioli started building the world’s finest pianos in Italy in the 1980’s.

The challenge in piano sound is having an instrument that offers opposing qualities that are essential for musical expression: clarity of musical lines, as well as the blending of sounds. While some of the great European pianos offer crystal clear tones allowing for the distinctness of notes within a musical texture, and American pianos are known for a warm blend of tones, only Fazioli enables both tonal qualities to exist in one piano.

There are many technologies that come together in Fazioli pianos that allow for this rare phenomenon. It requires the sourcing of the finest materials possible along with the most meticulous manufacturing in the piano industry.

The model F212 semi-concert grand has one of the most even scale designs you will hear with no obvious register breaks with smooth transition of tone from the very bottom to the top notes of the piano. It is an incredible experience to play Fazioli pianos.

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