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Model:F-183 - F-212 - F-278

Serial #:NEW

Build Date:NEW


Size:6-Feet ~ 7-Feet ~ 9-Feet

Fazioli pianos are regarded as the leading luxury piano brand in the world. They hand-build only 140 pianos a year in Sacile, Italy. They have come to international acclaim, with many contest-winning concert pianists choosing Fazioli, including the National Chopin Piano Competition, the Liszt Competition, Artur Rubinstein Piano Competition, Honens Piano Competition, Sydney International Piano Competition, Scottish International Piano Competition, International Piano Competition Halina Czerny, Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition, and the Gina Bachauer Piano Competition.

Fazioli began in 1978 and started building pianos in 1981. Paolo Fazioli came from a family of furniture builders and had a dream of creating a piano with a new type of sound. He had a concept of sound other than the established European, American, and Asian sounds so prevalent in the world. He sought out the absolute finest materials, design, and workmanship possible. The soundboards are taken from the same trees in northern Italy’s ‘Val di Fiemme’ forest, where Antonio Stradivari once carved his wood for his famous violins. The traditional brass hardware is gold-plated to avoid corrosion. The actions are hand assembled from parts manufactured by Renner in Germany to Fazioli’s unique geometry. So Fazioli pianos don’t sound or play like any other piano in the world.

In designing the world’s finest pianos, Fazioli has an acoustically versatile concert hall on premises, which makes it possible to modify the reverberation time of the hall and, thereby, the quality of the acoustics, with greater or lesser reverberation or absorption of the sound. This versatility allows the design team to tailor the pianos to lend themselves to a wide range of acoustical environments, from small recording studios to the great concert halls of the world.

Fazioli produces only six grand pianos, from 6-feet up to 10-feet, 1-inch, which has a fourth pedal, invented by Fazioli, which reduces the distance the hammers travel to the strings. This makes the volume lower without altering the tone of the piano, which allows for effortless glissandos and facilitates pianissimos, as well as extremely fast playing.

Fazioli also offers over a dozen custom art-case pianos with a wide range of striking designs: https://www.fazioli.com/en/

Fazioli Grand Piano:
Serial Number: NEW
Ebony Polish

Fazioli Semi-Concert Grand:
Serial Number: NEW
6-feet 11 1/2-inches
Ebony Polish

Fazioli Concert Grand:
9-feet 1 1/2-inches
Ebony Polish

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