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Feurich Art-Case Piano Made in Germany 67893



List Price: $69,000

Our Price:$21,995




Serial #:67893

Build Date:1977

Color:Burled Mahogany Gloss

Size:5' 7"

This piano was handcrafted in Germany and has the real, original keytops (not plastic) which are no longer available on pianos. The piano case is a rare burled mahogany and has many intricate furniture details.

As an instrument, Feurich was a top-tier, German manufacture (unlike Chinese pianos being sold today with the Feurich name stenciled on front). This instrument was a furniture piece that was lovingly cared for. So, not only is the furniture gorgeous and in spectacular condition, but the instrument is in mechanically new condition since it was barely played.

Our technicians took great care in bringing the piano to the highest level with concert level regulation, voicing and string work. You will enjoy a clear, bell-like tone found only in the most exquisite European pianos.

Instruments like this are increasingly rare. The woods and workmanship are evident when you see this piano and the sound and performance are on par with the finest pianos in the world and can be enjoyed for generations to come with proper care.