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Flychord Digital Piano DP420K



List Price: $1,695

Our Price:$1,199




Serial #:NA

Build Date:2017

Color:Ebony Woodgrain


There are many companies making digital pianos today. Flychord has set the bar for quality and value offering a high level playing experience. There are many elements of the sound and the touch that set this Flychord piano apart from anything else out there anywhere close to this price range.

If you have experience playing fine grand pianos, you are probably aware of the feel of the escapement when depressing keys slowly. It feels like a little click as the knuckle disengages from the jack. Flychord is one of the only digital pianos to offer the realism of touch including the feeling of escapement.

The action is weighted to the same specifications as a concert grand Steinway. It is also a graded action meaning that the lower notes are heavier than the higher notes, just like on concert grand pianos. This is due to the heavier hammers and longer keys in the bass section which Flychord has modeled on this piano.

The touch is very responsive utilizing 3 sensors for each key for extreme expressiveness.

While most digital pianos utilize sampling technology, the Flychord offers 5 distinct samples for each key at different volumes. So, when you are playing loud and soft, not just the volume changes, but the tone of each note has the correct sound at that volume.

The piano also has many other features including the ability to record your performances to any USB storage. The sound quality of the piano is clean and rich with the onboard 4 speaker system with DSP effects for realism.

Naturally the Flychord piano can connect to your computer or iPad with the MIDI and USB connections to interface with your favorite music software. It also features automatic accompaniment so you can play virtually with the rest of the band!

There is also a teacherstudent function which splits the keyboard so 2 people can sit at the piano playing the same notes on each half of the keyboard. This is very useful for teaching younger children without the need for a second piano.

Unlike some big companies out there that spend a tremendous amount of money on marketing passing those costs onto the the price of the piano, people are sharing their experiences with Flychord on social media and online forums spreading the word about these fine pianos. So, you get more piano for your money with Flychord.

Flychord comes with factory warranty which offers one year replacement – the best in the industry.