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Hailun HU 5P Professional Studio Upright Piano



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Serial #:-

Build Date:New

Color:Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Nickel Trim


  • Hailun Performance Design Action
  • Mountain Grown, Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Laminated Spruce Keys
  • German Roslau Strings
  • Adjustable Bench with Music Storage

At 50”, the HU 5 Professional Studio Upright Piano is designed for larger studios making it a compelling choice for teachers and students alike. This piano offers more comfort and volume than other smaller vertical pianos that measure between 43”-45”. The HU 5 is powerful, yet maintains an overall well-balanced tone with a strong bass and singing treble.

Furthermore, the HU 5 utilizes a Wet Sand Cast Plate which provides a warmer tone than in pianos with vacuum mold process plates such as those found in Yamaha pianos.

Consider the structure of the piano. Piano plates are like the foundation of your house – they support tens of thousands of pounds of string tension. As a result, they are a critical component of any piano.

There are 2 methods of making plates for pianos: Vacuum Mold Process Plates and West Sand Cast Plates. Like plastic products which are poured into a mold, Vacuum Mold Process Plates can be made very quickly and cheaply. That’s why companies like Yamaha and Kawai as well as most Asian production pianos use this method. On the other hand, Wet Sand Cast Plates are used by nearly all top-tier piano manufacturers even though it is time consuming and expensive. This method provides a dense metal which avoids the metallic edge to the tone you hear on pianos using cheaper vacuum mold methods of forging piano plates.

Through its incredible design, this piano has set a new standard not seen before in Asian pianos and offer exceptional value. As its name suggests, the “Professional Studio” provides an elegant appearance that is well-suited for any setting.

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