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Hamburg Steinway Grand Piano 276708



List Price: $99,200

Our Price:$37,795

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Company:Steinway & Sons


Serial #:276708

Build Date:1933

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 2"

Steinway & Sons was started by German immigrants producing pianos in New York in 1854. They opened their Hamburg factory in 1880. In the United States, nearly all Steinway pianos are from the New York factory. The Hamburg factory produces pianos which are sold throughout the rest of the world. So, German made Steinways are incredibly rare in this country.

While the essential scale design is fundamentally the same on New York and Hamburg made Steinways, there are some key differences between them. Most notably, Hamburg Steinway pianos utilize Renner actions while the New York Steinway factory produces their own actions.

This piano has been rebuilt to the highest standards and our technicians have brought this instrument to its original glory with new Renner hammers, shanks and flanges as well as rebuilding and restringing with new pinblock. The bridges have been re-capped for precise string termination which results in a pure sound.

There are many people who revere Hamburg Steinway pianos for the level of craftsmanship and the subtle differences in sound which is due to the different methodology of the soundboard tapering between New York and Hamburg made Steinway pianos.

If you appreciate the quality of German manufacturing, having a Hamburg Steinway can offer you the ultimate piano.