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Ibach Semi-Concert Grand Piano



List Price: $110,000

Our Price:$35,350

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Model:Richard Wagner

Serial #:75270

Build Date:1914

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:7’ 10”

Ibach has a rich history as one of Germany’s finest pianos ever produced. We have been lucky here at Living Pianos to have offered a select few Ibach pianos over the years and the people who have gotten them have been overjoyed at the sound and technical excellence of these instruments.

The limited edition Richard Wagner model was produced as a tribute to the composer. This piano offers phenomenal sound being a little bit larger than most semi-concert grand pianos. The bass is unbelievably rich! However, the real joy comes in the evenness of tone from register to register going all the way to the high treble. So many fine pianos have some areas of the scale that aren’t as rewarding to play as others. The warm, clear sound offered on this rebuilt and refinished Ibach is evident in all registers!

People who have seen and played this piano assume that it is new because of the quality of the restoration. Our technicians have worked with the regulation and voicing to offer the most demanding pianist a world-class playing experience.

As time goes on, there are fewer and fewer pianos hand-built in Germany that are in this league. A good number of German piano companies going back to the 19th century have been bought out by huge Asian conglomerates. If you are after the ultimate instrument that is worth keeping in your family for generations, this Ibach will be a great addition to your home, studio, or performance space.