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Kawai GX-2 Grand Piano



List Price: $43,095

Our Price:$24,970

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Serial #:2661092

Build Date:2014

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:5' 11"

The Kawai model GX-2 was designed by the Shigeru Research and Development Laboratory and has the same scale design as the Shigeru Kawai SK-2. This piano is in brand new condition inside and out and still has several years of factory warranty left on it.

There are many things that make this piano special. It features Kawai’s Millenium III action which utilizes ABS-Carbon Technology with carbon fiber for unparalleled consistency from note to note, as well as exceptional longevity in less than ideal environments.

There are many design elements that contribute to the performance and sound of this piano. The choice of a unique combination of hardwoods in the rim results in a warm, clear sound. The high quality, tapered spruce soundboard is masterfully crafted for rich tonal colors. The piano features many design elements that help the piano endure the ages better than other pianos. For example, the bridges are vertically laminated which helps prevent cracks over time.

The action feels like a concert grand due to having longer keys for more control when playing close to the fallboard since the keys travel further there as they do on 9-foot concert grand pianos.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy in manufacturing which roughly translates to, “continuous improvement.” While Kawai has been making fine pianos for decades, this instrument has so many design elements that could only have come from spending a century refining the design and manufacturing by one of the world’s leading piano companies.