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Kimball Artist Console Piano 710626



List Price: $6,885

Our Price:$995

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Company:Kimball MOVING SALE: $995


Serial #:710626

Build Date:1967

Color:Walnut Satin


List Price: $6,885
Sale Price: $1,795


This is an American crafted piano utilizing fine hardwoods. At one time Kimball was one of the most popular piano brands in the United States. There are many Chinese pianos being made today to look like the venerable American pianos, but they are manufactured with medium density fiberboard and plastic in place of the traditional woods used in pianos like this.

We see hundreds of pianos from this period of time which are either worn out or have suffered from the environment. This can impact pianos in touch, tone and appearance. The cost of restoration of any one of these aspects of the instrument would be very costly. That’s why finding a piano like this in such fine condition offers an opportunity to own a fine piano for an extremely reasonable cost.

Our technicians thoroughly cleaned and detailed the furniture, regulated and lubricated the action, tuned and voiced the hammers for an even, warm sound throughout all registers. So, if you are looking for an excellent value in a piano and don’t want to settle for a digital piano, you can have a nice instrument and a beautiful piece of furniture.