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Knabe Art-Case Grand Piano



List Price: $45,671

Our Price:$17,350


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Serial #:93809

Build Date:1923

Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 9"

Knabe is one of the great American piano companies. At the time this piano was manufactured, Knabe was the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera and the choice of many pianists. This piano heralds an age when American craftsmanship in pianos was at its pinnacle. The detailed, hand-carvings are outward expressions of the fine workmanship of the piano. But it is in playing this rebuilt piano that you will appreciate the kind of work that is rarely found anymore.

This piano was rebuilt with new strings, tuning pins, felts, hammers, shanks, knuckles and more. The case has been refinished with the same hand-rubbed, satin lacquer finish that the piano had originally. The wide tail design of this piano offers a larger soundboard than what is found in many 6-foot and above pianos. You can hear a richness and fullness to the sound that is lacking in other pianos.

Our technicians have taken great care to bring this piano to the highest possible playing level. The evenness of touch and tone is appreciated by anyone who has experience with fine pianos. Here is a work of art, a piece of history, and a fine musical instrument that will grace future generations with its captivating sound and majestic appearance.