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Knabe Baby Grand



List Price: $37,700

Our Price:$8,975

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Serial #:180997

Build Date:1973

Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 2"

LIST: $37,700
OUR PRICE: $11,395

Knabe is one of the venerable American piano companies (not to be confused with the Asian production pianos bearing the Knabe name sold in stores today). They were the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera, and the choice of many musicians.

This piano has had a gentle life, and our technicians have refined the piano to offer a satisfying playing experience for the most discerning pianists. It has had full regulation, fine voicing, and other work to have the piano play evenly from note to note in all registers.

There are many things that set Knabe apart from other great, American pianos. The scale design features a wide tail which allows for a larger soundboard area than in other pianos of the same size. So, you can experience a rich tone, and full bass which belies the baby grand size of this piano.

While the methodology of Asian pianos allows for mass production of pianos, there are sonic benefits to some of the technologies utilized in this piano:

  • Wet Sand Cast Plate:

Unlike the vacuum mold process utilized in large, Asian piano factories, the time consuming old-world method of producing plates (which is still used by Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and many of the world’s finest pianos) avoids the metallic ring to the tone since the metal is denser.

  • Hardwood Rim:

Bending of the rim of a piano is one of the most difficult parts of manufacturing a piano. Asian pianos utilize the soft luan mahogany indigineous to the region. The benefit of the hardwood is twofold – first, because the soundboard resonates into the rim producing a longer sustain, and secondly, the hardwood rim supports the soundboard crown which helps with the longevity of the piano.

If you appreciate the complex tone, and wide range of expression of the great American pianos, this is an heirloom piano you can enjoy for years to come.