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Knabe Concert Grand Piano 170220



List Price: $152,029

Our Price:$18,979


Financing available through Allegro,
Please click here to apply for financing.


Model:Concert Grand

Serial #:170220

Build Date:1964

Color:Ebony Satin


If you research Wm. Knabe pianos, you will discover it is on most people’s shortlist of greatest American pianos of all time. Knabe is famous for their warm, rich sound and high quality of manufacturing. This piano was reconditioned to a high level a few years ago with new strings, new tuning pins, new hammers, as well as other action parts. The action is very responsive and not too heavy. The case is in also very good shape and the plate looks gorgeous as well.

American made concert grand pianos are a vanishing breed. They represent the ultimate piano. While concert grands generally produce more volume than small pianos, people find with Knabe pianos, the warm tone doesn’t overwhelm you, unlike lesser pianos that have a strident sound.

If you have the space and resources to get this piano, you will be able to instantly adjust to pianos you find anywhere else since it is always easier going to a smaller piano than you are used to rather than the other way around. Whether it is for performing, recording or practicing, you can enjoy the highest level instrument available for a fraction of the price of what it is worth.