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Kohler & Campbell USA Baby Grand 695218



List Price: $25,495

Our Price:$5,150

Plus Shipping

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Company:Kohler & Campbell MOVING SALE: $5,150

Model:Baby Grand Piano

Serial #:695218

Build Date:1976

Color:Mahogany Satin


List Price: $25,495
Sale Price: $7,979


-FREE Delivery & Set-up
-FREE Bench
-FREE In-home tuning

Kohler & Campbell was one of the most respected names in American piano building. The name lives on in pianos manufactured by the Korean company Samick. But this is the original, American made piano that inspired the Asian copies.

So many pianos manufactured in this country were from before WWII when there were still hundreds of companies making pianos here. It is a great pleasure encountering a much more recent vintage piano in excellent condition. The action shows little signs of wear. The classic satin-lacquer finish is also in very good shape.

The action shows only moderate wear. So, our technicians were able to regulate to factory specifications. It’s a sad fact that today you have to invest over $50,000 to get any American made baby grand piano! So, finding a high-quality U.S. made piano in fine condition represents phenomenal value.

If you appreciate the sound and quality of pianos before Asian production pianos became the de facto standard in piano stores, this piano is for you.