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Mason & Hamlin Art-case Grand Piano 40494



List Price: $72,334

Our Price:$17,395


Financing available through Allegro,
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Company:Mason & Hamlin

Model:RA CL

Serial #:40494

Build Date:1930

Color:Brown Mahogany

Size:5' 8"

This piano is spectacular to look at as well as to play and is one of the last great pianos built by Mason & Hamlin before their merger with the American Piano Co. in 1932. This has everything you would expect to find in a great Mason Hamlin and more; from the patented Tension Resonator System (which has benefits to sound and durability) to its massive sound resulting from a superlative scale design.

This piano has had a gentle life and was well cared for. From the original real (not plastic) key tops, to the gorgeous detail of the woodwork, everything is intact. Our technicians have gone through the piano inside and out bringing it to a high level of performance. The action is on the lighter side and is incredibly responsive to even the most delicate touch. This piano has a large, open sound. The tone is full and clear throughout all registers. This is a an extremely rewarding piano to play!

Like so many pianos from the Golden Era of piano building in America when there were still hundreds of companies producing pianos here, it used to have a player system. The piano is identical in every respect to the similarly sized Model A Mason & Hamlin. The attractive Louis XVI cabinet makes this piano even more special and is sure to be the centerpiece of your home This is great American piano that you will treasure for years and pass down to future generations.