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Mason & Hamlin Art-Case Grand Piano



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Company:Mason & Hamlin


Serial #:16042

Build Date:1907

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 2"

This Mason & Hamlin was manufactured during their peak years before they were sold to the Aeolian Piano Company. It has been masterfully rebuilt to the highest level possible to look and play like it did when it was produced.

The heart and soul of a piano is its soundboard. Before this piano was rebuilt, everything was original and the piano sounded magnificent even with all original parts well over a century old. So we knew it was a great candidate for complete restoration. It has the original soundboard which has been reworked and refinished. It has excellent crown which produces a huge sound with remarkably long sustained tone in the treble register. It has the classic, fat, warm Mason & Hamlin sound their pianos are famous for from this period of manufacture.

There are many different levels of restoration possible when rebuilding a piano. We felt that since this piano sounded great to begin with, it was worthwhile doing the most thorough restoration possible to bring this rare art-case piano to its original state so it can bring beautiful music to future generations.

The following has been done to this piano:

  • New Custom Made Pin Block
  • New Nickel-plated Tuning Pins
  • New Piano Wire
  • New Mapes Bass Strings
  • Plate Stripped and Refinished
  • New Hand Rubbed Finish Close Pore
  • Soundboard Reworked and Refinished
  • Bridges Reworked
  • New Abel Hammers
  • New Abel Shanks
  • New Abel Flanges
  • New Abel Whippens (Repetitions)
  • New Backchecks
  • New Damper Felts
  • New Backchecks
  • Damper Heads Refinished
  • Guide Rail Rebushed
  • Hardware Buffed and Cleaned
  • New Soundboard Decal
  • Hardware All Re-plated
  • New Key Bushings
  • New Front Rail Key Bushings
  • Sandblasted Frame
  • Felts Replaced
  • Key Leveling
  • Key Spacing
  • New Composite Keytops
  • Refinished Ebony Keys
  • Re-Veneered Keys
  • Full Action Regulation
  • Fine Voicing
  • Concert Tuning