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Mason & Hamlin Baby Grand



List Price: $94,805

Our Price:$15,735

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Company:Mason & Hamlin


Serial #:74949

Build Date:1972

Color:Walnut Satin

Size:5' 4"

Here is a Mason & Hamlin which is all original and in nearly new condition. There is no visible wear on the action. There are no signs of the environment on the piano either. The finish is in excellent shape as well. This is remarkable when you consider that a piano that is simply subjected to direct sunlight can have a faded finish within a matter of months. And a piano that is played even casually over a period of decades will have grooved hammers and other wear.

Our technicians have refined this piano to such a level of performance that is rare to find from new piano stores. It takes multiple days of work with great technicians to achieve the tonal balance and fluid, even action that a great piano like an American made Mason & Hamlin can achieve. That’s why piano stores generally reserve such high level work to only a few select pianos.

If you are familiar with Mason & Hamlin, you know several things that make them unique in the world of pianos:

  • It is one out of only 2 companies which still produce pianos in the United States.
  • A 5-foot 4-inch Mason & Hamlin model B weighs 750 pounds. A 5-foot 7-inch Steinway model M weighs only 560 pounds.
  • Only Mason & Hamlin features the Tension Resonator System: metal bracing which provides additional support to the massive rim of the piano.
  • Mason & Hamlin pianos have larger soundboards than other pianos of equal size.

This is why Mason & Hamlin pianos last longer than other pianos and produce a larger sound than other pianos of equal size. The quality of sound of a baby grand Mason & Hamlin rivals or exceeds grand pianos of other manufacturers.

Here is a piano that can be enjoyed for generations with proper care. It is truly one of the finest baby grands available anywhere.