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Mason & Hamlin Baby Grand Piano



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Company:Mason & Hamlin


Serial #:66217

Build Date:1962

Color:walnut satin

Size:5' 4"

The Mason & Hamlin model B is one of the only pianos to offer such a rich sound, as well as big, full bass for a baby grand. There are many reasons for this. First, the piano is 5-feet 4-inches long. Contrast that with a Steinway baby grand which is only 5-feet 1-inches in length. Also, it has a larger soundboard even for a piano of its size due to the wide tail.

Mason & Hamlin pianos also have thicker inner and outer rims which are constructed of select hardwoods further enriching the sound. The soundboard structure is also reinforced with metal bracing unique to Mason & Hamlin pianos (the Tension Resonator System). Unlike most Asian pianos, the plate is made with the old-world wet-sand casting which provides a denser metal which helps the resonance of the piano, not the ringing of the plate.

It is such a pleasure to encounter a piano that sat in a nice home for years, maintained with servicing, but barely played. So the piano condition is almost like new. Our technicians spent many hours refining the tone and action to a level rarely found in pianos except on concert stages and recording studios. This piano would make an excellent recording instrument because of the well balanced sound throughout all registers.

The furniture is also in beautiful condition. Here is a piano that can fit in almost any home while providing a sound you wouldn’t expect out of a piano under 6-feet.