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Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand – Model CC2 1688



List Price: $139,302

Our Price:$29,750


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Company:Mason & Hamlin SALE: $29,750


Serial #:1688

Build Date:1975

Color:Ebony Satin


List Price: $139,302
Sale Price: $37,175

Here is a Mason & Hamlin concert grand on an extremely high-performance level. It has new Renner hammers, shanks, knuckles, and new backchecks, key bushings and front rail bushings. The piano shows no signs of environmental degradation. The strings are shiny and produce a vibrant sound. The case is also in very good shape.

The action weight is not too heavy and is very quick and responsive. What separates a good concert grand from a great one comes down to many factors. Perhaps the most important attribute of great pianos is a long tone life, particularly in the treble register. This is because you want melodies to have a singing quality instead of sounding percussive. This piano has excellent tone life well into the high register. It also has the deep bass that Mason & Hamlin is famous for.

This piano would be an excellent choice for a performance venue, recording studio or any application that requires an instrument on an ultra-high level. It provides a rewarding playing experience and rich sound in all registers. It has been regulated and voiced for an even sound throughout all registers.