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Mason & Hamlin Model AA Grand Piano 224105



List Price: $78,737

Our Price:$18,979


Company:Mason & Hamlin


Serial #:224105

Build Date:1913

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 2"

Mason & Hamlin is one of only 3 companies still producing pianos in the United States. They currently make the model AA. There are many things that set Mason & Hamlin pianos apart from other pianos. These are undoubtedly why they have endured the ages.

If you have ever heard Mason & Hamlin pianos, you know that there is a very fat, rich quality to the sound, particularly in instruments from this period of time. There are many reasons for this including the wide tail which allows for a bigger soundboard than found in other instruments of comparable size.

Mason & Hamlin pianos are also very robust. They weigh substantially more than other pianos. The inner and outer rims are massive. This supports the soundboard. So, vintage Mason & Hamlin pianos are often in stellar condition when regular pianos have succumbed to the elements much sooner. They also employ their patented Tension Resonator System which prolongs the life of the piano.

This piano has benefitted from a gentle climate and very moderate use as is indicated by the fresh action and first class structure. The piano has been restrung at some point in the past. It has new key bushings and front rail bushings. The case has been refinished and the plate has been re-gilded. So the piano plays well and looks beautiful.

Mason & Hamlin has never produced a lot of pianos. So, finding one in good condition is always a joy. If you appreciate the classic American sound, this piano delivers – a fine instrument from one of the most venerable manufacturers of all time.