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New Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand Piano




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Company:Mason & Hamlin


Serial #::

Build Date:New

Color:Available in Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Rosewood, Mahogany, Macassar Ebony & Bubinga

Size:5' 8½"

  • Rim: Hard Rock Maple
  • Plate: Sand Case Grey Iron Full Perimeter
  • Soundboard: Tapered Eastern White Spruce
  • Soundboard size: 1984.5 square inches
  • Full Perimeter Plate
  • Wessell Nickel & Gross Composite Action
  • Tension Resonator System

Most pianos of this size are referred to as, “Parlor Grands”, or “Studio Grand Pianos”. This is to differentiate these instruments from grand pianos which are usually around 6-feet long. This piano can hold its own with pianos substantially longer than this instrument.

The Model A Mason & Hamlin is one of the most popular American piano scale designs of all time. It is revered by pianists and piano technicians alike. This piano features a rim that is arguably stronger than what is found on any other piano of its size. This is not only important for structural integrity, but also enhances tone. This is because the soundboard is embedded into the rim. So, the thickness and strength of the wood allow the soundboard energy to reverberate longer than on other pianos.

If you have never played a Mason & Hamlin with the Wessell Nickel & Gross composite action, you are in for a unique playing experience. There are many reasons for this. One component of the action which allows for more precision than any wood action, is the carbon fiber hammer shanks. There is consistency that isn’t possible with wood.

If you are looking for a piano that will last generations with proper care, you can’t find a better piano than Mason & Hamlin.

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