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New Mason & Hamlin Model AA Grand Piano




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Company:Mason & Hamlin


Serial #::

Build Date:New

Color:Available in Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Rosewood, Mahogany, Macassar Ebony & Bubinga

Size:6' 4"

  • Rim: 21-Ply Flat-Sawn Hard Rock Maple
  • Rim thickness: Inner 2.125 inches, Outer 1.125 inches, Total 3.25 inches
  • Plate: Sand Cast Grey Iron Full Perimeter
  • Soundboard: White Spruce Perimeter with Customized Tapering
  • Soundboard size: 2272.4 square inches
  • Full Perimeter Plate
  • Wessell Nickel & Gross Composite Action
  • Tension Resonator System

Here is a grand piano that has a huge dynamic range. From whisper quiet melodies, to thunderous chords, it’s rare to enjoy such a wide palette of sounds even from a concert grand, much less a piano that is 6-feet 4-inches long.

You get all of the no compromise design elements from the full perimeter plate, wide tail, strong rim, Tension Resonator System, Wessell Nickel & Gross composite action, and tapered soundboard. When you get to this level Mason & Hamlin piano, you will be prepared to play any piano since this piano can handle anything you demand of it.

The attention to detail in the workmanship is evident visually, sonically and mechanically. A testament to the quality of design, materials and workmanship, are the countless 100 year old Mason & Hamlin grand pianos which are still producing vibrant tones due to the massive build quality of these instruments.

You will be amazed at the sound filling your home from a standard size grand piano. While the sound can be huge, it is immersive, surrounding you with rich, tonalities. So, it doesn’t exhibit the metallic edge you hear on lesser pianos when playing with great volume.

The precision action allows for softer playing since there is a level of evenness that traditional actions can’t match.

If you are after a grand piano that provides an almost unlimited range of sonic characteristics, this is a piano worth exploring.

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