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Petrof Concert Grand Piano




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Model:P 284 MISTRAL

Serial #:-

Build Date:New

Color:Ebony Polish


  • Diaphragmatic, Tapered, Resonance Spruce Soundboard
  • Wet Sand Casted Plate
  • Dense, Laminated, Multiplex Beech Pinblock
  • 12 Layers of Laminations on the 50 mm Inner Rim
  • 5 Longitudinal + 2 Cross Wooden Frame Posts
  • Laminated Birch – Ebony Makassar Outer Rim
  • Solid Maple Bridges
  • Ground Tip Steel Bridge Pins
  • Brass Agraffes
  • Front & Rear Duplex Scaling
  • German Röslau Piano Wire
  • Single Hitched Stringing
  • Renner Action
  • Individually Balanced Tangential Sawn Spruce Keys
  • Ebony Black Keys
  • Braked Casters
  • Hydraulic Slow-Close Fallboard

This is the largest Petrof piano produced. It utilizes Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology in order to achieve consistency in the precise tapering of the soundboard. This assures a consistent level of accuracy in production resulting in uniformly great sounding pianos.

Petrof manufacturing is among the most highly regarded going back to 1864. Today, Petrof is the largest manufacturer of pianos in Europe.

What sets the Petrof Mistral Concert Grand from other top-tier pianos of similar size, is the remarkable ability of combining a tremendous bass register along with a singing, resonant treble. All of this is controlled with a lightning fast, responsive Renner action.

There are only a handful of companies in the world producing concert grand pianos on this level. If you appreciate an evenness in scale design from the lowest to the highest notes on the instrument, in a piano hand-crafted to the highest standards, this is a piano suitable for you.

From the concert stage to the recording studio, the Petrof Mistral Concert Grand Piano is capable of the utmost in musical expression across a wide array of styles of music.

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