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Rebuilt Steinway Art-case Grand Piano Model A 79947



List Price: $89,700

Our Price:$29,799


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Serial #:79947

Build Date:1893

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 2"

This is a rebuilt Steinway art-case piano. The model A is produced today in New York and Hamburg. However, for much of the 20th century, the model A was only produced in Hamburg, Germany. So, these pianos are not common. The art-case design are very limited production making these instruments very hard to come by.

This piano has had the soundboard reworked and refinished for structural integrity and rich, sustained tone. The plate has been re-gilded. All metal parts have been re-plated. The bridges have been reworked with new graphite. The piano has new key bushings and balance rail bushings for precise feel. There are also new hammer shanks and flanges. The case has been refinished with the multi-layer sprayed lacquer finish which is hand-rubbed which is the same type of finish Steinway has done for years on their pianos.

The piano has new strings made by Mapes – the same strings that Steinway uses on their pianos. The piano also has new agrafes for pure tone. The original, real key-tops (not plastic) have been polished. It also has new damper felts. The action has been regulated to factory specifications. Everything has been voiced and tuned to a high level of performance. The instrument also looks gorgeous.

If you appreciate a great Steinway art-case piano and desire a fine instrument with rich tone, this is a rare find for you.