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Robert Estrin’s Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand Piano



List Price: $103,500

Our Price:$39,700




Serial #:195071

Build Date:1971

Color:Ebony Satin


This is my personal piano I have treasured for years and kept in phenomenal concert condition. We are opening a new audio/video studio next door and this piano is too big for the room.

Baldwin came out with the SD-10 in the late 1960’s. Together with the great German piano manufacturer Bechstein which Baldwin owned at the time, they designed this ultra premium piano that took the concert world by storm.

Great Baldwin SD-10’s like this are known for the rare combination of clear, bell-like tone, like the greatest European pianos, along with the fatness and warmth of the greatest American pianos.

Many innovations like the Accu-just hitch pins unique to Baldwin allow for precise downbearing on the bridges. This results in a sustained, singing tone all the way up the piano, and a thunderous, clear bass down to the lowest notes.

The piano has a German made Renner action which is the most highly regarded piano action and is also found in Hamburg Steinway, Fazioli and Bösendorfer. It is precise and lightning fast.

This piano has had new bass strings and fairly recently had new front rail and balance rail bushings as well as new Renner hammers. The piano has been meticulously maintained and has a Dampp-Chaser System for stability. The soundboard is impeccable.

This is one of the very last American pianos with organic key tops, not plastic – and they are in remarkable condition – something you can’t get anymore.

It is sad to see this piano go – but life moves on! I hope this piano finds a home where it will be appreciated for what it is – one of the finest concert grand pianos my piano technician and I have ever seen. Everyone who has played this instrument is astounded at the power, projection, and warmth of tone. It is suitable for the utmost performance.

Chopin Scherzo #1 in B-minor Op 20 – Performed on this Baldwin SD-10