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Sohmer Art-case Baby Grand Piano 167125



List Price: $25,190

Our Price:$11,379




Serial #:167125

Build Date:1967

Color:Walnut Satin

Size:5' 1"

Sohmer is the second most famous New York piano manufacturer of all time and was a fierce competitor to Steinway. They are on the short list of the greatest American piano companies.

This instrument is a relatively recent example of the kind of craftsmanship U.S. companies were capable of. The beautiful woodwork and detailed woodgrain is something from another era.

It is the sound and quality of manufacturing that set Sohmer apart from the hundreds of other piano companies that existed in this country at one time. This baby grand appears to have been a furniture piece since there is virtually no wear on the hammers – the piano is mechanically in new condition. It also has benefitted from the gentle California climate with no rust or corrosion. The furniture, while not perfect, is incredibly beautiful with no major problems.

Our technicians have brought the regulation back to original factory specifications. They have also refined the voicing to bring out the sweet, warm tone. The piano plays evenly throughout all registers and is incredibly smooth from note to note.

As the years go on, there are fewer and fewer pianos like this left in the world. It is a great pleasure to have such an instrument without having to go back 100 years when these pianos were more plentiful.