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Sohmer Art-case Grand Piano 65017#9B



List Price: $33,950

Our Price:$13,979



Model:Scale A

Serial #:65017#9B

Build Date:1926

Color:Mahogany Satin


This is a classic piano from the golden era of American piano building. Like many pianos of this time, it had been an expressive player piano. It has been rebuilt at some point in the past and the player system removed. So now, it is a glorious Mediterranean art-case grand piano which plays beautifully.

The great Sohmer pianos from this period of time exhibit a warm sound very similar to Steinway, it’s main competitor just up the street. They feature the same time of methodology with wet sand cast plate, high quality solid spruce soundboard and top quality manufacturing.

Our technicians were delighted to experience such a rewarding sound after prepping this instrument. The hammers have excellent felt. So, the action weight and voicing are on a very high level.

If you appreciate the great American pianos from years past and require a high level of performance, you will enjoy this gorgeous piano..