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Sohmer Studio Upright Piano 177252



List Price: $9,579

Our Price:$3,500

Plus Shipping

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Company:Sohmer & Co. MOVING SALE: $3,500


Serial #:177252

Build Date:1970

Color:Walnut satin


List Price: $9,579
Sale Price: $5,750


Steinway and Sohmer are the two most famous New York piano manufactures. This is a U.S.A. made, one owner Sohmer piano that has been cared for with regular maintenance and kept in a stable environment. So, the piano is in excellent condition.

There have been huge changes in how pianos are manufactured with mass production techniques in Asia. However, this piano was made with the old world tradition of utilizing the finest hardwoods, wet sand cast plate, and all-wood actions. These are technologies still utilized on Steinway pianos but absent from the vast majority of pianos being made today. This is because while these materials and techniques are recognized as producing pianos with warmer, richer sounds, they have been abandoned to save in costs of materials and methodology of production.

If you appreciate the quality and performance of the great American pianos from years ago, this studio upright is a piano you will appreciate.