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Steinert Baby Grand Piano – Model A – 13823



List Price: $63,100

Our Price:$7,979




Serial #:13823

Build Date:1923

Color:Mahogany Satin

Size:5' 1"

Steinert pianos were a highly respected, top-tier American piano maker from the Golden Era prior to WWII when some of the most glorious pianos were produced in this country. Many people have observed the striking similarity to Steinway in the design and sound of these pianos. You can compare this model A Steinert to the Model S Steinway in so many ways from the plate design, to the quality of the soundboard.

The hammers have decent life in them and this instrument has a warm, rich sound. It has a new set of Mapes Gold International Series bass strings (the same strings used on new Steinway pianos) for pure sound in the low register. The finish has been touched up and looks very nice. The plate has also been re-gilded for a very attractive appearance. So, if you appreciate the warm sound of a Steinway and are in a lower price range, this could be a great piano for you!