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Steinway B Ebony Satin Semi-Concert Grand



List Price: $124,800

Our Price:$48,995

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Company:Steinway & Sons



Serial #:472878

Build Date:1981

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:6' 10 1/2"

LIST: $124,800
SALE: $49,975
NOW $48,995

The Steinway model B is one of the most sought after pianos in the world. Here is a one owner piano that has been well cared for and is very gently used. It is in concert regulation and voicing. All Steinway Parts.

So many Steinway B’s on the market are well past their prime. In restoring these pianos, there are tremendous challenges. While it is possible to get new parts, the specifications of the model B have evolved over the years. So, new Steinway parts may not provide the correct geometry for older Steinways. Another factor is the environment a piano has lived in. Many Steinway pianos get played a great deal and are simply worn out.

The good news about this piano is that this is a California piano, and the owners were meticulous in having the piano serviced on a regular basis by an experienced Steinway technician. Also, the piano was played only casually. So the instrument is in remarkable condition.

This instrument features Steinway’s patented Accelerated Action and Diaphragmatic Soundboard.

All pianos can be taken to a higher level. Our technicians went through the case, the pedals, strings, tuning pins, dampers, as well as the intricacies of the action, cleaning, adjusting, and refining everything to the highest standard of excellence.

This piano would be a great addition to your home, church, concert venue, or recording studio. If you are looking for a great B, this is one you will want to check out for yourself.