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Steinway Rosewood Art-case Concert Grand 31534



List Price: $240,300

Our Price:$87,500


Financing available through Allegro,
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Serial #:31534

Build Date:1875

Color:Rosewood Satin

Size:8' 7"

This is a one of kind, rosewood, art-case Steinway concert grand that was rebuilt and refinished 10 years ago and has been in climate controlled storage since then. Our technicians have installed new hammers which are the precise duplication of the original hammers. It has been regulated to a level suitable for a concert level player. The intricacies of the woodwork and attention to detail in the manufacturing is awe inspiring. It has been masterfully restored to its former glory replacing parts with the highest specification that offers the correct match to this unique instrument.

It is amazing to realize that Steinway was producing a fully modern piano so long ago since many manufacturers such as Bösendorfer were still producing pianos with much older technology well into the 20th century! So, here you have one of the earliest examples of a modern concert grand piano, yet with the styling and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Unlike many pianos from this time, it has the full 88 keys which became the standard over a decade after this piano was manufactured.

Over time there are fewer and fewer pianos from this era that can be restored to such a high level. The piano must endure the ages with a gentle life in order to be able to keep the essential structure intact.

The soundboard is original and has been reworked to offer a projecting sound with the warm sound great Steinways are famous for. This is truly an heirloom piano that will inspire future generations with its majestic visual beauty and richly rewarding sound.