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Steinway & Sons Grand Piano



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Company:Steinway & Sons


Serial #:179523

Build Date:1917

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 7"

This is a New York Steinway manufactured during the revered period in Steinway’s history when the quality of craftsmanship was unparalleled. The piano has just been meticulously rebuilt and refinished to look, sound, and play like it did when it was originally built.

This piano has new strings, tuning pins, damper felts, pinblock, bridge caps, key bushings, and front rail bushings. The action was also rebuilt with new backchecks and German Abel hammers, shanks, flanges, and whippens (repetitions), which are the correct specifications for Steinway pianos from this era.

The finish is the classic hand-rubbed, sprayed lacquer finish, which has many layers for a depth of appearance. The plate has been re-gilded, and all metal parts glisten like new. Great care has been taken in the regulation and voicing of the piano to provide a rich sound and even touch throughout the full range of the piano. If you are after a great Steinway M with no compromises, this is the piano for you.