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Steinway & Sons Grand Piano



List Price: $106,700

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Company:Steinway & Sons


Serial #:434644

Build Date:1974

Color:ebony satin

Size:5' 10 1/2"

There are huge challenges when rebuilding Steinway and other pianos. There are many decisions to make about what parts to replace, finding the correct specifications, and the months of work crafting everything to play like the piano did when it was young. Here is a piano that presents none of these challenges! It is an instrument that has had gentle play and has lived in a stable home with no signs of the environment which can plague other pianos.

The tone is warm and round, and the action plays in a fluid manner and is very quiet. You can enjoy velvety smooth performance since nothing is worn. Yet the piano has been gently broken in over the years. So you will be rewarded with a very stable instrument unlike new Steinway pianos (and newly rebuilt pianos) which have a period of time with strings stretching and things settling in.

The finish is also in very good condition. For every Steinway like this, there are hundreds that either need major work, or aren’t even good candidates for restoration without completely gutting everything. So if you want a piano that has great life and solid performance, this is a workhorse instrument with a refined sound and precise action that also looks gorgeous!