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Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano 149231



List Price: $96,200

Our Price:$24,635


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Company:Steinway MOVING SALE: $24,635


Serial #:149231

Build Date:1911

Color:Satin Ebony

Size:6' 2"

List Price: $96,200
Sale Price: $28,775
MOVING SALE: $24,635

We have another amazing vintage, New York Steinway from the heyday of American piano building. The model A is a superior scale design that was only manufactured in Germany for most of the 20th century. It offers a richer sound a fuller bass than the smaller models L and O. It offers more projection as well.

This piano is in remarkable condition. The belly (which houses the soundboard) is fundamentally original from 1911 with new bass strings. It also has newer damper felt. It’s such a pleasure discovering a vintage instrument in this kind of condition – one that has been lovingly presided over through the years.

The case has been refinished recently and the piano is complemented by its original bench which is another sign of the care of the instrument since benches don’t last as long as pianos! Our technicians have gone through this piano performing high level regulation and voicing. The tone is even and powerful while maintaining the warmth of tone Steinway is famous for. With the proper care, this piano will be providing a high level musical experience for generations to come.