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Steinway & Sons Model M Grand Piano



List Price: $93,100

Our Price:$33,775


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Company:Steinway & Sons


Serial #:198784

Build Date:1920

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:5' 7"

This is a Golden Era, New York Steinway which we have rebuilt to play and look like new. The piano has new strings, tuning pins, pinblock and damper felts. The bridge caps have been replaced along with agraffes. This assures clean string termination which enhances the sustain of the tone.

The piano has newer action in excellent condition. It has been rebulated to factory specifications. The case has been refinished with the same type of multi-layered, sprayed lacquer finish which is hand rubbed for a lustrous depth in the appearance. All metal parts have been replated, and the plate has been re-gilded. The pedal trap work has also been re-bushed for precise pedaling.

When playing new Steinways of the same model, some will have a more singing tone, with great sustain throughout all registers. This piano has incredible projection and sustain all the way up to the highest notes which is a rare quality in a piano which enables you to craft melodies with longer musical lines. It also has an unusually big, rich bass for a model M Steinway.

Many people prefer Steinway pianos from this period of manufacturing when Steinway had major competition with hundreds of piano companies producing some of the greatest American pianos of all time. If you appreciate a great Steinway, you will treasure this piano.