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Weber Art-Case Grand Piano 57923



List Price: $66,530

Our Price:$24,975



Model:Semi-Concert Grand

Serial #:57923

Build Date:1905

Color:Exotic Mahogany Satin

Size:7' 3"

This is a rare American art-case grand piano which has been lovingly restored. The piano has been restrung with new pinblock, strings, damper felts, and re-gilded plate. The soundboard has been reworked and has excellent crown for a projecting, sustained tone. The case has been refinished revealing the intricacy of the mahogany woodgrain.

The piano action also has new hammers, back checks, key bushings, front rail bushings and the action is on a high level of performance throughout. The sound of this instrument is rich and warm. The piano is suitable for concert performance. Weber is one of the great American piano makers of all time. They were the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera and the choice of many concert artists.

Art-case pianos like this beckon to another age of craftsmanship all but lost in the world today. The intricate carvings and details of manufacturing are evident throughout the instrument. It has a good set of real key tops – not plastic.

As time goes on, there are fewer and fewer instruments like this in the world. This is a piano to be treasured for generations.