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Weber Studio Grand Piano DG09559



List Price: $16,990

Our Price:$8,395


Financing available through Allegro,
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Model:Studio Grand

Serial #:DG09559

Build Date:2005

Color:Ebony Polish


Weber piano has a rich history going back to the 1800’s in the United States. Pianos bearing the Weber name today are manufactured in China by Young Chang. This piano is not from either one of these manufactures! For a short period of time when this piano was produced, Weber pianos were being manufactured with the revered, German Ibach scale design in the same factory and with the same scale design as highly regarded Nordiska pianos. These Asian made pianos offer an extremely rich tone unlike what is typical of the region.

This specific piano was used only as furniture. So, it is in like new condition. At 5-feet 5-inches, this piano is at the large end of what is classified as a baby grand. The extra few inches reward you with a rich tone and full, deep bass. When you experience the Ibach scale design, you will understand why it is so highly respected.

The furniture is classic styling that is timeless. So, you can enjoy the beauty of this piano visually as well as its rich, rewarding tone.