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Yamaha C7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano 2422712



List Price: $81,999

Our Price:$22,975




Serial #:2422712

Build Date:1977

Color:Ebony Satin

Size:7' 4"

The Yamaha C7 is the most sought after piano in recording studios in the United States. It is a staple on concert stages and in music studios of serious musicians the world over. It has a great balance of tone from the top to the bottom.

This instrument was built for the American market and is a California piano. It has benefitted from a gentle climate and exhibits very little use. The hammers have virtually all of the original felt. The action is quiet and responsive. The strings have no corrosion and produce a vibrant tone.

This is one of the last Yamaha pianos produced with real elephant tusk key tops which are in mint condition which reveals volumes about the piano’s care.

This piano has a huge sound with depth and has been voiced to a moderate warm tone. When you play gently, you get sombre, dark tones. Exert energy, and it opens up with brilliant tones that can envelope even larger spaces with the rich sound that great C7’s are famous for.

The piano comes with a top of the line, leather top, duet style, adjustable artist bench.

If you are looking for a top notch semi-concert grand, this is one of the finest C7 Yamaha grand pianos you will find.