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Yamaha Model UX-1 Professional Upright Piano 3778879



List Price: $11,199

Our Price:$4,995

Plus Shipping



Serial #:3778879

Build Date:1983

Color:Ebony Polish


Many people are familiar with the popular Yamaha U1 upright. The UX-1 is a higher line piano than the U1. It features higher grade felt and finer woods than the regular U1 upright piano.

You may wonder where they got the X designation from. Typically, model numbers of pianos are either arbitrary numbers or letters, or in many cases refer to the size of the piano in centimeters. In the case of the UX-1, there is something significant about the model name.

If you go to the back of a UX-1 you will see something you may have never seen before. Instead of the typical vertical support beams, there is a wood structure that is shaped like an X. So, the structure of the piano is more robust than other upright pianos. This is significant because this helps to support the soundboard which is the heart and soul of the piano.

This particular UX-1 has benefitted from a gentle environment and very light use. Our technicians have done factory spec regulation, fine voicing and tuning. The piano plays like a dream and has a rich sound. This is a fine upright piano.