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Yamaha S Series hand-made Grand Piano 4635086



List Price: $74,999

Our Price:$29,979




Serial #:4635086

Build Date:1988

Color:Ebony Polish

Size:6' 4"

Yamaha is the largest piano company in the world. Most people are intimately familiar with the vast number of mid-range and entry level pianos, Clavinova digital pianos and entry level pianos which offer a good balance between price and performance. The S Series Yamaha is a different breed of piano.

In a separate factory in Japan from where the C Series pianos are made, Yamaha produces a very limited number of hand-built pianos meticulously crafted utilizing the finest materials and workmanship possible. These instruments share many elements with Hamburg Steinway. It has a host of refinements perfected in the centennial redesign of their flagship CFIIIS concert grand.

What sets this Yamaha S Series Grand Piano is that it hasn’t been played at all – it is in brand new condition.

It is also is also a Southern California piano. So, unlike pianos from desert or beach environments, it has benefitted from the semi-arid climate which is ideal for pianos. The piano also looks new – gorgeous finish and absolutely no signs of aging.

We just had the piano prepped to a concert level of performance suitable for the most discerning player, recording studio or performance venue.

If you have never played an S Series Yamaha and appreciate top tier pianos, this piano is as good as any piano of its size you will find.