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Zimmerman European Studio Piano 398695



List Price: $13,295

Our Price:$5,950


Financing available through Allegro,
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Model:European Studio

Serial #:398695

Build Date:1988

Color:Mahogany Polish


Finding a German manufactured piano for a reasonable price can be quite a challenge. It can be confusing seeing German names stamped on Chinese pianos. But if you’re looking for an actual German manufactured piano under $10k, look no further! This is an elegant, German-made Zimmerman upright piano. The manufacturing and materials are on a high level. They are solidly built and rewarding to play.

This piano has seen very little use and is in top-notch condition with original parts. Our technicians have gone through the piano inside and out bringing out the rich, warm sound these pianos are known for. The action is quick and responsive. At only 43 inches in height, it has a richly rewarding sound with a clear bass. It also has a practice mute rail for quiet practice late into the evening without disturbing anyone.

The furniture offers an attractive wood grain with a contemporary high-gloss finish This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality, petite upright piano. It will fit just about anywhere while offering the full 88 notes and three pedals. It can be a welcome addition to your home!