Can You Practice the Piano too Much?

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Today we’re going to talk about the importance of reflecting upon your practice by taking strategic breaks.

How is taking a walk in the middle of your practicing beneficial?

When you’re immersed in practicing, after awhile you need to reflect on things. Not only that, you’re doing everything with your upper body. It’s good for you to get out and get some air and get the blood flowing throughout your body. It will also give you an opportunity to assimilate what you have been working on.

Reflecting on your practicing

One way to digest your work is to analyze what you have done in your practice. You can play your music over mentally and work out fingerings while testing how much of the music you have retained. That’s the left brain or Western way of quantifying knowledge – the analytical part of your brain. However, perhaps even more important is to detach yourself from analytical thinking and clearing your mind. This is a more of a Zen approach. If you never get away from the music to enjoy life, what do you have to share with your music anyway?

Why it’s not just about playing the piano or practicing

This principle isn’t just about practicing the piano. It applies to practically any endeavor! You need to get out and smell the flowers to have a chance to simply be – not just try to accomplish things. In the process, you will discover something extraordinary. The analytical part of your mind will help you solidify memory. I’ve talked about practicing away from the piano and that can be incredibly beneficial. But what is equally important is detaching your mind from everything and being in the now!

Maintaining an intense practice regimen.

Those of you who are practicing intensely on a regular basis will be surprised at how getting away periodically will increase your productivity. While intense practice certainly has an essential role in developing your musical skills, getting away from it all is just as important.

I hope this is helpful and thanks for joining me, Robert Estrin here at Your Online Piano Store