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Welcome to, I’m Robert Estrin. The subject today is personal. I found an old video of an improvisation I did with my nephews which I’m going to share with you today. Google photos is really cool, because you can go through and look up places or time periods. All the pictures or videos you took from that time or place come up. I was just exploring that the other day and found an improvisation I did with some family members almost seven years ago! It was just a spontaneous thing that popped up and I thought you would enjoy it.

Let me tell you a little bit about these guys.

They are my nephews. Both of them are very accomplished musicians. First, there’s Sean Kleve. Sean is a percussionist. He graduated from the Manhattan School of Music. He’s played in all kinds of orchestras and such. He has a great percussion ensemble called Clocks in Motion, which is worth checking out. In high school he was very accomplished on piano. He even played the Grieg Piano Concerto with orchestra. Currently, he’s got a really cool Twitch. If you go to Twitch you can see his video streaming playing harpsichord. So if you’re into harpsichord, you’ll definitely want to check that out!

My other nephew, who plays the other piano in this video is Evan Kleve. Evan is a really accomplished violinist. He’s done everything from playing with symphony orchestras to touring with rock bands. He’s also a really fine trumpeter. One night, it was late, there were no preconceived notions, we just started playing together. I thought what came out was really cool! I encourage all of you, whether you have training or no training, to try improvising. Sometimes things just come together. I hope you enjoy this.

See the video here

You may have noticed a little cameo from my daughter, Jenny, who walked through. This was one of those late night jams. All kinds of things were happening. We had a great time. Nearly my entire extended family are musicians of one sort or another. Whenever we get together, there’s all kinds of music! I thought I’d share this little personal glimpse with you. I hope you enjoyed it! If you like these sorts of things, let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for joining me, Robert Estrin here at, Your Online Piano Resource.

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5 thoughts on “Family Improvisation”

  1. The family improv isation was lovely and a great way to bond between yourselves.
    I never had enough playing between my family as my Mum loved the TV too much and did not bother to have home concerts…
    Well, I am also keen on imaginative happenings in the music room..
    Loved the contrary motion walk
    Thank you !

  2. I really got a kick out of that one! I normally do everything I can to avoid dissonant music, but for purposes of improvisation, it obviously works very, very well. Each time someone was added or moved, it made it even better! And not only that, but it didn’t make my ears feel bad; they actually felt rather good! This video is a keeper!

  3. cool fun! We used to do something like this in college called “Russian nursery rhymes” – one piano would play very rhythmic octaves (left hand) in the lower bass and completely random chord clusters (right hand) in the lower mid-range, and the other piano would play a nursery rhyme or folk song melody (Mary had a little lamb. Row row, row your boat, etc.) in double octaves (or octave M7th’s/m9th’s) in the upper 4 -5 octaves – sometimes it came out pretty neat – sort of like this – 😉

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