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Hi, this is Robert Estrin at Amazingly, there are hundreds of free pianos available all over the country. You can check out the links in the description below. But there’s so much more than that! What about free piano lessons? There are so many resources online, it’s unbelievable! You can check out what we have for you right here on LivingPianosVideos

There is a lot to consider here. The first question is:

Can you find an instrument for free that suits you, and if free video lessons are what you are after.

Some people may prefer a good, inexpensive digital piano. Again, there are countless resources online. Some people may resort to Craigslist.

But maybe you’re after a high level piano like a Steinway. But the prices have gotten out of reach for most people:

So, you may appreciate expertly restored American and European instruments from Living Pianos with top-tier instruments with free delivery anywhere in the continental United States! Aside from the thousands of free videos and articles on

I teach private lessons to students all over the world:

I was fortunate to grow up in a musical family. I also got to study with so many great pianists! So I enjoy sharing my passion for the piano.

I started teaching the piano while still in high school assisting my father with his teaching as my sister did before me. I got into selling pianos after graduating from music conservatory. Many people who contacted me for piano lessons didn’t have pianos! So I made it my business to find good used pianos which I had my piano technician put into good shape for them. There was such a demand for this sort of thing, and because of my extensive experience with pianos, people have relied upon me to help them with pianos ever since!

Teaching has been a continuum in my career which has many facets, from performing, to recording, as well as writing articles and making videos. So you can consider me your personal resource for information about pianos and piano lessons. Just email for a personalized response to help you! Thanks for joining me here at LivingPianos.comYour Online Piano Resource!


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Living Pianos

My Teachers:

John Ogdon

Ruth Slenczynska

Constance Keene

Morton Estrin

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